Holding down the fort.

Oh go on, give him a show.

I need to make an award for people who completely miss the goddamn fucking point. It’s painful as FUCK when your large breasts are bouncing up and down on a turbulent boat. Sometimes it isn’t about you, boys.

I wasn’t suggesting that women should suffer for men’s delight (though looking at some shoes women teeter about in, it’s clear that there are some people who think that way) It just seemed like an amusing scenario. It’s not like she couldn’t have tucked the girls away after an amusing wardrobe malfunction and kept clutching them tight.

If this comic was gender reversed (and presumably originated from a blog called “guys with huge balls comics”) and the guy was standing in the back in some low cut posing pouch clutching himself, I would have immediately thought “oh go on, give her a show” while cheerfully ignoring the fact that having his orange-sized testicles clacking together like maracas would probably hurt quite a bit. The image is funny (to me at least), but if you follow every piece of humor to the next stage, most jokes are pretty horrifying. 

(I admit I don’t understand Tumblr very well, is reblogging something the only way to comment on it?)

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